What ?



  • Collaborations
  • Strategic thinking
  • Ideas generation
  • Quick concept creation
  • Prototype development
  • Detailed design
  • User testing
  • Professional presentation
  • Exhibitions


How ?

Facilities - Design studio and workshop

Skills - Theoretical and Practical

Networks - Custom teams assembled to suit each project

Design Process - Challenging conventions (utilizing alternative methodologies)

2 case studies 1) Guv'nor Accessories and 2) Pixel Wall trade stand



What type of products - creative design and/or engineering projects - covering electrical, mechanical and electronic

What / How can I help you/your business - what are the key benefits (compact and affordable creative solutions, conceived, and prototyped for real-world tangible assessment).

(Ultimately this is a sales pitch)


Design services (inc methodologies and process)

Pic of the BikeShed
Get Fiona to take some too
"From initial concept to working product"
GrayCAD version 8 ; )

look at what MArk, Kevin etc say too!!!