Writing - Print (selected examples):

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The Design Book

Contributed 3 historical critiques of design classics (Honeywell, Powerbook, iPod). p.141, 486, 487 (2013) Phaidon Press, London ISBN 9780714865799 link


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999 Design Classics

Contributed 7 historical critiques of design classics (Apple, Sony, etc). p.294, 751, 843, 901, 966, 978, 979.  (2006) Phaidon Press, London ISBN 0714843997 (3 volume set) Link. 1000 Design Classics iPad app followed in 2010.

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Design Magic

Powell, G. (2003) Threshold published in Design Magic, Design Transformation Group, London ISBN 0-9530531-1-3 p.97 - 100

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Design and Emotion - the experience of everyday things

McDonagh D, Van Erp, J, (Eds) (2003) - an edited collection of papers given at the third Design and Emotion Conference 2002 - Sweaty Design workshop - Taylor and Francis ISBN 9780415303637 link

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Notes: Changing Energy into Form

Powell, G. – (1999) Hothead & The Hall of the Dead, 2 articles published in Notes - Changing Energy into Form, Design Transformation Group, Ellipsis. ISBN 1841660361 p. 75 - 82 Link

Closing the Gap between Subject and Object book via Graham Powell.jpg

Closing the Gap between Subject & Object

Powell, G. and Malig, M. (1997) Air Table published in Closing the Gap between Subject & Object - Design Transformation Group ISBN 9780953053100 p. 9 - 10 Link

Writing - Online (selected examples):

Matsushita-National-Panasonic-MyPhone- 1960s- review-by-Graham-Powell.jpg

A Scottish Architectural Road Trip

This summer we decided to head to The Highlands for a week long 'campervan and culture tour'. We're guessing that we are hardly alone in dreaming of one day owning our own contemporary rural retreat, situated in an appropriately dramatic landscape, so we decided to use our holiday as 'research'. >>read more


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Ingo Maurer - Design Illuminati ?

Designer, artist, technician, poet and perhaps ‘magician’… Ingo Maurer has been a 'free radical' in the world of lighting design since the mid sixties. Born in Germany, emigrating to the USA and then returning to Munich to set up Studio M, Maurer has consistently wowed the design world with his experimental investigations in light - turning them into beautiful installations and accessible objects of desire. >>read more


Cutlery King - David MelLOR

We recently revisited the David Mellor Visitor Centre and Cutlery Factory at Hathersage, a fantastic place on the edge of the Peak District, 15 miles west of Sheffied. I say revisit, well it was for me anyway, as I cycled there in the early 1990s to check out David Mellor's iconic factory >>read more