The work shown here represents a life dedicated to design and engineering, derived from a restlessness born out of enthusiasm, passion and perhaps even obsession? The journey has taken Graham from crafty kid, to apprentice engineer, art school 'up-start' to commercial designer, conceptual exhibitor to design educator and writer... and back to professional designer again.

For as long he can remember Graham has been interested in challenging 'things' and asking "Why?"... to then counter offer "but why not like this instead?". Design and enquiry has always been in his blood, which comes from a long lineage of technical engineers in the family. The passion for taking things apart, then rethinking and rebuilding them in a completely new way, both literally or metaphorically speaking, is just deeply embedded from his upbringing onwards.

Design and Engineering are professions that encourage ideas to be challenged, developed, tested and (if they are any good) substantiated in the real world. A place where left-brain logic colludes with right-brain idealism, serious investigation spars with playful imagination, and technology collides with creativity. This then is Graham's 'thing', and "but why not like this instead?" the common thread that runs through all of his projects.